Growing a Business? Freelancers Can Help!

September 24th, 2021

By: Julie Morris

Growing a Business? Freelancers Can Help!

When you own a business, there is always too much to do and too little time to do it. Regardless of whether you have a large business or small, product or service-based, you can benefit from hiring freelance workers to help you grow and complete tasks on your never ending to-do list. Read on for more advice -- courtesy of That Social GeekGrowing a Business? Freelancers Can Help!

How Freelancers Can Assist Your Business

Business owners can rely on freelance workers for a range of helpful services. If you need help marketing your business, you can access top-rated freelance workers to help you devise a social media campaign, email funnel strategy, or content for your website that drives sales. Strive for targeted content geared toward a particular need in your niche, rather than trying to create a broad blog that could miss the mark.


Freelance workers who specialize in graphic design and art can also help with creating your business logo. You can hire a web design freelancer to build a page that reflects the personality and mission of your business. Often, people tend to think about freelance workers for creative tasks, but there are a plethora of highly skilled tech and business freelance professionals who can assist with bookkeeping needs, organizational assessment, and even consulting about your business practices. Freelance workers are often professionals who have made the decision to work independently after many years of success in a particular field. A freelancer with a business background may even help you establish a user-friendly process to manage payroll and employee needs.

Managing Freelance and Traditional Employees

As your business grows, you may find that it’s easier to manage employees or freelancers doing certain tasks if they’re working in-person with you. If you have a home-based business, that may mean moving to a bigger apartment or house so that you all have enough room to work together. Filter by price on a site like in order to find a larger Arizona rental in your budget. 

Also, with more people working for your business, using a comprehensive accounting and payroll system can save you a lot of headaches and make it much easier to make sure your workers are getting paid on time and with accuracy. Programs that offer integration with your existing software, along with real-time tracking, can prevent unnecessary accounting errors. Mobile apps can make payroll even simpler and will prevent you from being tethered to a desk for hours on end. 


It may also be practical to consider a task management system to help you navigate the varying projects your teams are working on. There are many project management programs to consider, so do your research to find one that is the right size and scope for your business needs. Freelance administrative assistants may even be able to help you stay on track with your business goals daily. You will likely discover that freelance workers can help you grow and maintain your business success in a variety of ways.

Finding Top Freelancers for Your Business

Once you decide to try freelance workers to assist with your business needs, it is important to know where to find top-quality candidates. You can find freelance workers in several ways. One popular method of finding freelancers is to visit platforms where you can search a wide spectrum of candidates based on your specific work needs. For example, you can go on a freelance platform and search keywords for the type of work you need done, like “accounting,” “online assistant,” or “blog writer.”


When you use a freelance platform you can check out reviews on prior work, arrange an interview, and compare hourly rates. Often, platforms like these have milestone agreements that protect both business owner and freelancer and ensure that work is completed satisfactorily prior to payment. Using a freelancing platform also provides you with recourse if something goes wrong in a freelance interaction, as they can help settle issues that may arise.

Your business can grow and succeed with the use of freelance workers, regardless of the size of your company. Hiring freelancers can save you a lot of money for tasks that do not require a full-time, benefited employee.


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Growing a Business Freelancers Can Help

Written by Julie Morris

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