Social Media & SEO: Part 7 - Tools To Implement, Track, and Measure Success

September 9th, 2018

Social Media & SEO Tools to Implement, Track and Measure Success

Calendaring & Organizing Tools

Every business needs a way to manage, organize and plan their social media and SEO strategies. Most businesses use some form of project management system, a calendaring system or both. What you use will depend on how you view things best. Some people are linear thinkers and some people aren't. Try out a few different methods to find out which method works best for you. -- This is a project management system which will enable you to plan and organize your SEO and social media marketing easily. You'll be able to set milestones, daily tasks and more for just yourself, a team and /or clients too. It has a calendar and a familiar dashboard so it's easy to get started.

Google Calendar -- Google provides an entire business suite of tools that you can use in your business. One of the most popular is Google Calendar. You can integrate Google Calendar with your mobile device so that you're always in the know about what to do next. You can keep yourself on schedule as well as your team with Google Calendar.

30 -- This is a great shareable calendar that helps you organize your day. You can create one time events, repeating events, and more. You can even use the code provided to put the calendar in your website. It integrates with social media well too. -- You can start with a free account and move up to a paid account if you need it. This system allows others to schedule appointments with you during time that you've set up to be free for appointments. You can use the calendar for accepting payments; send out text messages, and more. -- You need to be able to collaborate, plan and track marketing results in an easy way. This system lets you do it. You can track anything, collaborate with others on anything, and it's simple to use. If you're familiar with spreadsheets, then you'll be able to use it easily to manage and plan your marketing. An exciting feature is the ability to attach documents in multiple formats right where you need them, and to set reminders for key dates and more.

Learning how to stay organized and stick to your plan of action will improve your SEO and social media marketing exponentially. It all starts with a good plan of action and a way to stick to that plan. One of these systems should work for your needs.

Social Media Integration Tools

It should be clear at this point that if you don't integrate your social media into your overall marketing plans and SEO then you're going to be dead in the water. Thankfully, there are many tools and software available today to make it easier to get SEO and social media to work together to produce results for your business.

Social media essentially multiplies the impact that your search engine optimization has on your traffic, sales, and more. Social media in combination with proper SEO will drive sales, and create lasting relationships with your customers. What you do today in social media in combination with your SEO efforts will pay off for years to come.

Social Media Buttons -- Add social media links and buttons to your blog and website. Make it easy for your visitors to share on their own social media any of your content no matter how they found it. There are plugins that you can get for WordPress to help you seamlessly add social media buttons to your website.

Facebook Comments -- This is a great way to bring user generated content to your website and boost your social media ranking. Simply get the code from Facebook and add it to your site, or use a WordPress plugin for that purpose. -- This is really an entire social media management tool and could go under Content Management Tools too. You can management multiple social media accounts such as Google +,,,, and more with That Social Geek including scheduling posts and more.

Google Authorship -- You can't properly integrate social and SEO without Google Authorship. This is a great way to claim all the content that you write. As long as the content appears online on domains where you have an email address you can claim all the content that you write. Follow the step by step instructions to take advantage of this. -- This website shares code and protocol for adding tags to your web pages to create rich snippets, which are better looking search results that your audience is more likely to click on when searching for what you have. It will take some work, but use what is provided here to make your site SEO work better with social media. -- This is an SEO plugin that helps you optimize your site for SEO in the best way possible including using social media. Yoast has a lot of other plugins that you can add to extend the functions of the original SEO plugin including, Local SEO, News SEO and more.

Regardless of which tools you choose, it's important to integrate your social media, SEO, and all marketing together for best results. Be ready to listen, observe, and report what is happening across all your social media accounts and how it affects your overall business goals.

Content Management Tools

The most important asset when it comes to SEO and Social Media is the content that you create and share. Having content that is well thought out and organized for delivery will produce maximum results. Using effective content management tools will help you succeed and reach all your goals.

Post Planner -- This plugin for Facebook allows you to schedule all your Facebook posts whether to pages or groups. Not only that, but the system shares with you content within your niche that you might want to share with others. You can also post, based on analytics at the right time each day to get the most views. -- Self-hosted WordPress is by far the simplest and best website and blog authoring software that you can use. It can be a complete content management system, simple blog, or even an ecommerce website. If you're not using WordPress yet, you really need to try it out.

Gulp Mass Content Importer -- This is a great way to load content fast onto your Wordpress Blog. You can even schedule them to appear when you want them to or schedule them as drafts so that you can further edit them before they publish. This is a great way to make use of all that PLR (private label rights content) that you have around, or to use content that was written for you in mass quantities.

ManageWP -- This is cloud-based software that helps you manage all your WordPress websites from one easy to use Dashboard. This is great if you have multiple pages that you're trying to promote for your business.

Integrating your social media with your SEO is an important part of your business today. By making it easier to manage your content, you're half way there. After all, content is the most important aspect of all your marketing endeavors.

Keyword Tools

In general when using keywords you want to choose keywords that many people are using to search for an item, but have little competition. But, without keyword tools to help you discover those words you're just shooting in the dark. Keyword tools are great for identifying keywords, but also great for identifying keywords that have low competition but are being searched for thus helping you come up with more fresh and usable content. -- This tool will tell you in real-time which long tail keywords you should use in your online real estate content to attract the most targeted customers to your website or blog. Long tail keywords are groups of words that users search for when searching for your content. Most people don't just enter one word when searching. This tool helps you identify the best group of words, or long tail keywords to get the right traffic. -- This is a keyword tool that enables you to search long-tail keywords to see how many people are searching for a topic. Plus you have access to a huge database of keywords, visual reports and landing page tools that will help you optimize your website for maximum results. -- Wordtracker offers a free limited version and a paid version. You enter in some words to start with, then the tool will return a list of keywords with information such as the number of searches, the competition rate, and other information that is important for you to consider when using a keyword.

Try out a few of these tools, and don't forget the free help that Google Webmaster Tools offers subscribers. Any type of research you can do on keywords will make your content better for not only search engines but for humans too. You'll be in a better position to give your customers what they want and are searching for if you're using a keyword tool.

Monitoring, Analytics & Tracking Tools

As they say, nothing is ever done without the paperwork being completed. In the world of online marketing, social media and SEO nothing is done until the data has been examined. Monitoring, analyzing and tracking the effectiveness of your social media marketing and SEO efforts will make you better at getting results from all your hard work. Without being able to study the numbers you're just shooting in the dark. -- This works to monitor the entire Internet, social media accounts, blog posts, new sources and more to ensure that you're not missing anything being discussed about your business. You'll receive alerts in real time, daily, or weekly so that you can respond the way you want to. -- You can search for a search term or a hashtag and see all the conversations that are relevant to that hashtag across the web using Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google + and more. It's a great way to research and monitor discussions in your niche and find content to curate for your website. -- While Komfo offers a lot, the part you want to look at is the Analytics, which is a free tool for helping you analyze your Facebook content. Komfo has a neat dashboard view so you can see at a glance how your content is working for you. -- This tool enables you to manage, measure and integrate social activity based on consumer behavior. You'll be able to grow your community, drive traffic, and get a total picture of your fan base on several different social media platforms helping you avoid missed opportunities.

Each social media network offers some of their own analytics, tracking and monitoring tools. Check out what they offer and then try out some of the examples above. You can never know too much about what's working, and what's not working.


In order to integrate SEO with Social Media it's simply a matter of being aware of the need. You likely already do a lot of integrating without realizing it. It's important to know that one does not replace the other but that they go hand-in-hand.

Use the Right Tools

Use the tools that you have available to help you navigate the social media and SEO landscape. Choose software wisely after you've tried it out. There are multiple types available and no one will fit every person or business. It's important that it feels like a good fit for your needs. The entire world could be saying to use "this" product or service but if it's not something you need then you won't use it anyway.

Brand Yourself Well

Create a strong social media presence with fully completed and updated profiles. Choose to brand yourself the same across all platforms for best results remembering the relationship between your business and the social media account's personality. Actively engage with others on each social media network you join. Don't join if you don't have time to engage, there will be no point.

Be Social Smartly

Join in with the conversation about your subject matter without thought to sales, but with a thought of building relationships and pointing back to your website which will be where sales are taken care of. Listen to what your audience is saying, respond in kind, share freely, and keep your eyes open for opportunities and threats. Remember that at its core, social media is social and about building long-term relationships.

Be Decisive

With social media it's how you handle these opportunities or threats that will make a huge difference in your social media efforts. As you work to expand your brand, increase awareness and further develop your mission you'll reap the benefits of your hard work as you realize that it all works together.

Don't sit back and wait on making the changes discussed here. The sooner you make the changes mentioned the sooner your business will be on top of the pack. Through proper research, goal setting, planning and execution you will be able to create integrated social media and SEO campaigns that will bring great results and a huge return on your investment. Remember to always study the metrics before, during and after each campaign to determine what works and what doesn't work.