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Build an Incredible Team of Productive Freelancers for Your Business

Build an Incredible Team of Productive Freelancers for Your Business

Working with freelancers makes sense for a lot of business models in the new digital economy. If you have a need for workers with specific skills for a small number of projects, consider recruiting remote freelancers instead of bringing people on full-time. Freelance workers can cost a business less in taxes and benefits, so many companies prefer using them on an as-needed basis. That Social Geek shares ways you can build a productive and positive freelance team for your organization.

Determine Your Needs

Start your recruitment campaign by figuring out what you need from a freelancer. Analyze the project you need completed and survey your current resources. Identify the skills you require, such as graphic design, writing, project management, or web development.

Find Talent

Then, look for remote talent all over the world using online job platforms. One place to find freelancers is Fiverr. This platform allows you to see candidate portfolios, experience, rates, years active, and reviews from past clients. You can also try job platforms from other countries, such as Guru in the Philippines.

Set Expectations

Once you find solid freelancers, set expectations about the demands of your project and deadlines for work. Though your freelancers are not employees, they should still review company policies and procedures and follow the routines.

Foster Creativity and Innovation

To get the best ideas from your crew of freelancers, create an atmosphere of creativity and innovation. Allow your workers to have some freedom with their ideas and suggestions. Keep your contractors engaged with projects and allow autonomy.

Communicate Updates

Communication is also essential, especially for remote teams. Some businesses invest in an in-house messaging app to keep communication lines open. Consider also using video conferencing tools, message boards, social media, and regular meeting times to help everyone feel connected.

Pay More Efficiently

When you bring people onto your team, make sure your company has them fill out the correct tax forms, such as a W-9. You'll also need to file a 1099-NEC to report a contractor's earnings for more than $600. Understand that you may have to pay some remote workers in their home currency, such as Philippine pesos. Instead of using pricey international wire transfers, try an inexpensive and reliable service like Remitly. For the Philippines, the fee is waived if you choose economy processing.

Organize Documentation

The last way to get a great team of freelancers is to make sure your documentation and contracts are solid before starting new projects. Have freelancers sign a non-compete agreement before doing any work so you don't have to worry about them taking on clients without you. Protect your intellectual property and assets with contracts and properly organized documentation.

You can take on more projects and expand your business if you use freelance workers effectively. Get the results you want and put together an awesome team of freelancers with these helpful tips.

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