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Create a Business to Support Family Caregivers

Create a Business to Support Family Caregivers

If you like the idea of helping family caregivers of senior loved ones in or near Phoenix, AZ, perform their jobs, and you're ambitious about expanding a business, creating a support service might be right for you. Many caregivers need help to avoid stress and burnout, and you could offer them many kinds of services. Deciding which services to offer and marketing your business may be the most challenging steps in this process.

Organize a Business Plan

If you intend to get funding or a loan to start up your business in Arizona, you'll need to set up a business plan. This plan will describe everything about your business, including your approach to the market, how you intend to attract customers, the amounts of funding you'll need, and a description of your business structure. If you aren't sure about your business plan, you can use a business lawyer or advisor for consultation.

Explore Potential Services

There are many potential services you can offer to caregivers that will make their lives easier as they tend to their older or disabled loved ones. For instance, many caregivers would benefit from simply having an advisor to guide them through their loved ones' care journeys. Many seniors eventually need to transfer into assisted living communities because the intensity of care they need surpasses what their loved ones can provide them.

You can advise caregivers on these transitions and help to make the process smoother. If you do provide this service, make sure that your clients check reviews and evaluate any communities in person before placing their loved ones there. You also need to be aware of community pricing and be sure to mention payment options and insurance or government-financed assistance alternatives.

Another service avenue is item delivery. Running errands for caregivers who may not have time, or need to stay close to a frail loved one, can alleviate a lot of their stress. Delivering prescriptions, medical supplies, adult diapers, and other disposables, or even food, can make the caregiver's life much more convenient. You can charge per instance or create a subscription service for this, depending on whichever is more profitable and feasible.

Since family members are often not medical professionals themselves, creating a helpline could lessen a lot of uncertainty they have and even save lives if they've underestimated a potential medical emergency. You could have registered nurses and other medical professionals answer questions that caregivers have as they administer care or evaluate whether hospitalization is needed.

Attract Clients

Finding clients may be a challenging process in the beginning since many people caring for family members aren't exactly advertising this to others. Advertising through or partnering with rehabilitation care facilities is one potential path to reaching caregivers. Another is targeted marketing via online ads or stores where they're likely to shop. If you can create a mailing list, it might be efficient to reach them that way.

Supporting Senior Caregivers

Creating this type of business may not be a simple process, but it can be both profitable and good for your community to do so. Make sure you have a solid business plan, are actively trying to attract more clients and offer a variety of services that truly help them. Contact The Social Geek for help with SEO and social media marketing.

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